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openmpt::exception Class Reference

libopenmpt exception base class More...

#include <libopenmpt/libopenmpt.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for openmpt::exception:

Public Member Functions

LIBOPENMPT_CXX_API_MEMBER exception (const std::string &text) noexcept
LIBOPENMPT_CXX_API_MEMBER exception (const exception &other) noexcept
LIBOPENMPT_CXX_API_MEMBER exception (exception &&other) noexcept
virtual LIBOPENMPT_CXX_API_MEMBER ~exception () noexcept
LIBOPENMPT_CXX_API_MEMBER const char * what () const noexcept override

Public Attributes

LIBOPENMPT_CXX_API_MEMBER exception operator = ( const exception & other ) noexcept

Detailed Description

libopenmpt exception base class

Base class used for all exceptions that are thrown by libopenmpt itself. Libopenmpt may additionally throw any exception thrown by the standard library which are all derived from std::exception.

See also
Error Handling

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ exception() [1/3]

LIBOPENMPT_CXX_API_MEMBER openmpt::exception::exception ( const std::string &  text)

◆ exception() [2/3]

LIBOPENMPT_CXX_API_MEMBER openmpt::exception::exception ( const exception other)

◆ exception() [3/3]

LIBOPENMPT_CXX_API_MEMBER openmpt::exception::exception ( exception &&  other)

◆ ~exception()

virtual LIBOPENMPT_CXX_API_MEMBER openmpt::exception::~exception ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ what()

LIBOPENMPT_CXX_API_MEMBER const char * openmpt::exception::what ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ operator

LIBOPENMPT_CXX_API_MEMBER exception openmpt::exception::operator = ( const exception & other ) noexcept

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