libopenmpt 0.7.7+release
cross-platform C++ and C library to decode tracked music files
openmpt_module_ext_interface_interactive3 Struct Reference

#include <libopenmpt/libopenmpt_ext.h>

Public Attributes

int(* set_current_tempo2 )(openmpt_module_ext *mod_ext, double tempo)

Member Data Documentation

◆ set_current_tempo2

int(* openmpt_module_ext_interface_interactive3::set_current_tempo2) (openmpt_module_ext *mod_ext, double tempo)

Set the current module tempo

mod_extThe module handle to work on.
tempoThe new tempo in range [32, 512]. The exact meaning of the value depends on the tempo mode used by the module.
1 on success, 0 on failure.
The tempo may be reset by pattern commands at any time. Use openmpt_module_ext_interface_interactive::set_tempo_factor to apply a tempo factor that is independent of pattern commands.
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