libopenmpt is a cross-platform C++ and C library to decode tracked music files (modules) [wikipedia] into a raw PCM audio stream.

openmpt123 is a cross-platform command-line or terminal based module file player.

libopenmpt is based on the player code of the OpenMPT project (Open ModPlug Tracker). In order to avoid code base fragmentation, libopenmpt is developed in the same source code repository as OpenMPT.

Language bindings are available for a variety of other programming languages.

libopenmpt and openmpt123 are maintained and developed by:

  • Jörn ‘manx’ Heusipp
  • Johannes ‘Saga Musix’ Schultz

We would like to thank all the other contributors to the OpenMPT project, including of course the original ModPlug author, Olivier Lapicque.