libopenmpt 0.2-beta1 released by the OpenMPT team (2013-12-31)

libopenmpt is a BSD-3-clause-licensed, cross-platform C++ and C module playback library.

libopenmpt is based on the player code of the Open ModPlug Tracker project (OpenMPT,

Since libmodplug, which is based on an earlier version of the original ModPlug code base, had been released, the code bases of other ModPlug descendants (most notably Schism Tracker and Open ModPlug Tracker) had diverged significantly from the libmodplug code base. libmodplug did, in our opinion, not maintain pace all that well - especially regarding playback accuracy in corner cases.

Over the last year, OpenMPT developers refactored the OpenMPT code base in a way such that a player library can be built separately from the tracker GUI again, as it had been possible with the original ModPlug Tracker source code drop by Olivier Lapicque.

In order to avoid possible future source code fragmentation, libopenmpt is, and will continue to be, developed together with OpenMPT itself in the same source code repository.

libopenmpt comes together with a stand-alone command-line/terminal-based player called openmpt123 as well as player plugins for XMPlay (xmp-openmpt), Winamp (and compatible) (in_openmpt) and foobar2000 (foo_openmpt). A gstreamer plugin, gst-nonstream-audio, is currently in the works at A Debian package is also being worked on.


Get more information at the libopenmpt website at

Current state

Even though the major release number is still zero, libopenmpt’s API and ABI are considered stable and final. They both will be extended as more functionality gets built in and requires more and/or different APIs. The minor API version number will be increased in this case. ABI versioning is done using soname.

libopenmpt is regularly tested on Windows and Linux x86 platforms. It is also reported to work on Mac OS X using MacPorts, but the build system still lacks features on Mac OS X. Porting to other platforms that have a modern C++ compiler available should not be hard at all.

libopenmpt is not finished and there is still a lot of work to do. See the website and documentation for details.


  • Joern ‘manx’ Heusipp
  • Johannes ‘Saga Musix’ Schultz

We would like to thank all the other contributors to the OpenMPT project, including of course the original author, Olivier Lapicque.