modplug-libopenmpt-announce mailing list shutdown

tl;dr: The modplug-libopenmpt-announce maling list is shutting down effective immediately. Please use this Atom feed at instead.

The modplug-libopenmpt-announce mailing list is hosted on SourceForge. SourceForge has experienced repeated service outages in recent times, which have either been delaying mail delivery for multiple days or in some cases even silently discarded mails. As SourceForge is apparently unable to provide a reliable service, the libopenmpt project cannot trust this infrastructure any more. We cannot use this mailing list to issue security announcements any more because we have no confidence that the announcements actually reach the people who are subscribed to the list.

The libopenmpt project will continue to issue security and release announcements via this Atom feed at

Regards, Jörn ‘manx’ Heusipp and Johannes ‘Saga Musix’ Schultz