libopenmpt  0.2.8762
cross-platform C++ and C library to decode tracked music files
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For fully detailed change log, please see the source repository directly. This is just a high-level summary.

libopenmpt 0.2-beta27 (2017-08-12)

  • [Bug] libmodplug: The CSoundFile::Read function in the emulated libmodplug C++ API returned the wrong value, causing qmmp (and possibly other software) to crash.
  • The ProTracker note delay quirk should not retrigger already stopped samples (fixes "Subi loses the Cops" by Subi).
  • ProTracker portamento between already stopped sample and another sample kept playing the old sample (fixes "anarchy-main" by Jester).
  • Playback fix for instruments with custom tunings and transposed note maps in MPTM format.
  • ProTracker quirk: If there is a note with a out-of-range note delay, it is played on the next row (with an instant portamento), unless there is a new note on that row.
  • ProTracker quirk: Apply tempo changes after the first tick of the row.

libopenmpt 0.2-beta26 (2017-07-07)

  • [Bug] Possible crashes with malformed PLM and PSM files.
  • [Bug] mktime() and localtime() were used for song date parsing. These functions are not guaranteed to be thread-safe by the standard. Furthermore, some standard library implementations are buggy and may cause the program to abort in out-of-memory situations. These functions are now no longer used.
  • Loops shorter than four sample points at the end of a sample could cause the sample data before the loop to become corrupted.

libopenmpt 0.2-beta25 (2017-07-02)

  • PT36: Enable VBlank timing as specified in file and read song comment.
  • M15: Loosen heuristics to allow a few more semi-damaged files to play.
  • MT2: If there were instruments with both sample and plugin assignments, sample data was not read correctly.

libopenmpt 0.2-beta24 (2017-05-22)

  • [Bug] localtime() was used to determine the version of Schism Tracker used to save IT and S3M files. This function is not guaranteed to be thread-safe by the standard and is now no longer used.
  • [Bug] Compilation with GCC 4.1 was broken since 0.2-beta20.5.
  • Improvements to seeking: Channel panning was not always updated from instruments / samples when seeking, and out-of-range global volume was not applied correctly in some formats.
  • Work-around for reading MIDI macros and plugin settings in some malformed IT files written by old UNMO3 versions.
  • Improve tracker detection in IT format.

libopenmpt 0.2-beta23 (2017-04-23)

  • [Change] The libmpg123 binary download script on Windows now downloads libmpg123 1.24.0.
  • [Change] MSVC builds of libopenmpt will now only load known DMO plugins.
  • [Bug] foo_openmpt: Interpolation filter and volume ramping settings were confused in previous versions. This version resets both to the defaults.
  • Add support for "WUZAMOD!" magic bytes in STM files and allow some slightly malformed STM files to load which were previously rejected (putup10.stm, putup11.stm) while tightening some other heuristics.
  • Tighten heuristics for rejecting invalid SoundTracker files.
  • Detect whether "hidden" patterns in the order list of SoundTracker modules should be taken into account or not. Fixes wolf1.mod, wolf3.mod and jean_baudlot_-_bad_dudes_vs_dragonninja-dragonf.mod.
  • MO3: Clear MIDI macros for files that were originally saved with Impulse Tracker 1.0 and Scream Tracker prior to version 3.20.

libopenmpt 0.2-beta22 (2017-03-11)

  • [Bug] Possible NULL-pointer dereference read during obscure out-of-memory situations while handling exceptions in the C API.
  • [Bug] libmodplug: libmodplug.pc was wrong.
  • [Bug] Cross-compiling libopenmpt with autotools for Windows now properly sets -municode and -mconsole as well as all required Windows system libraries.
  • [Bug] Excessive loading times with malformed ITP / truncated AMS files.
  • [Bug] libopenmpt on Windows did not properly guard against current working directory DLL injection attacks.
  • [Change] The Makefile and Autotools build system got new options USE_DLOPEN and --enable-dlopen respectively which are required to be set in order to load 3rd-party libraries dynamically. Additionally, the defaults for detecting libdl and libltdl now also default to off with autotools. This change has been made in order to make the default configuration as secure as possible. Both build systems default to dependencies that facilitate native MO3 decoding internally anyway, thus there is actually no practical disadvantage with the new default settings at all.
  • [Change] Un4seen unmo3 support is now completely disabled by default in all configurations and build systems.
  • [Regression] In order to securely load libmpg123, the Windows binary packages only support the precise libmpg123 binary that is downloaded by the download_mpg123.vbs script. Other binaries might also work, but this has neither been tested nor is officially supported from now on.
  • Autotools build system now has options --disable-openmpt123, --disable-tests and --disable-examples which may be desireable when cross-compiling.
  • Windows binary packages now include a script download_mpg123.vbs which downloads libmpg123 and copies it to the appropriate directories relative to the uncompressed binary archive.
  • Do not set note volume to 0 on out-of-range offset in XM files.
  • Better import of some slide commands in SFX files.
  • Sample 15 in "Crew Generation" by Necros requires short loops at the beginning of the sample to not be ignored. Since we need to ignore them in some (non-ProTracker) modules, we heuristically disable the old loop sanitization behaviour based on the module channel count.
  • Both normal and percentage offset in PLM files were handled as percentage offset.
  • seek.sync_samples=1 did not apply PTM reverse offset effect and the volume slide part of combined volume slide + vibrato commands.

libopenmpt 0.2-beta21 (skipped)

  • Version 0.2-beta21 has been skipped in order to avoid confusion with libtool version of libopenmpt 0.3.0-pre.0 and 0.3.0-pre.1 development versions.

libopenmpt 0.2-beta20.5 (2017-02-05)

  • [Bug] libmodplug: C++ API did not build with MSVC2008 in 0.2-beta20.4.

libopenmpt 0.2-beta20.4 (2017-02-05, not released)

  • [Bug] Possible hangs with malformed files containing cyclic plugin routings.
  • libmodplug: Added all missing C++ API symbols that are accessible via the public libmodplug header file.
  • Channel frequency could wrap around after some excessive portamento / down in some formats since libopenmpt 0.2-beta17.
  • Playback improvements for S3M files made with Impulse Tracker and Schism Tracker.

libopenmpt 0.2-beta20.3 (2016-11-20)

  • [Bug] Possible crashes with malformed ITP and MED files.
  • Pattern loops ending on the last row a pattern were not executed correctly in S3M files.
  • Playback fixes for 8-channel MED files
  • Tremolo on quiet notes was broken in 0.2-beta20.2.

libopenmpt 0.2-beta20.2 (2016-10-22)

  • [Bug] The C API could crash instead of failing gracefully in out-of-memory situations.
  • [Bug] libopenmpt_stream_callbacks_fd.h and libopenmpt_stream_callbacks_file.h were missing in Windows development packages.
  • [Bug] Plugins did not work correctly when changing the sample rate between two render calls.
  • [Bug] Possible crashes with malformed IT, AMS, MDL, MED, MPTM, PSM and Startrekker files.
  • [Bug] Possible hangs with malformed DBM, MPTM and PSM files.
  • ParamEq plugin emulation didn't do anything at full gain (+15dB).
  • Avoid enabling some ProTracker-specific quirks for MOD files most likely created with ScreamTracker 3.
  • Tremolo effect only had half the intended strength in MOD files.
  • openmpt123: Improved section layout in man page.

libopenmpt 0.2-beta20.1 (2016-09-03)

  • [Bug] The test suite could fail on MacOSX or FreeBSD in non-fatal ways when no locale was active.
  • [Bug] Possible crashes with malformed IT, MED, MPTM, PSM and Startrekker files.
  • Makefile has now explicit support for FreeBSD with no special option or configuration required.

libopenmpt 0.2-beta20 (2016-08-07)

  • [Bug] PSM loader was broken on big-endian platforms since forever.
  • [Bug] load.skip_samples ctl did not work for PSM16 modules.
  • There is a new "subsong" ctl, which can return the currently selected subsong.
  • More accurate ProTracker arpeggio wrap-around emulation.
  • More accurate sample tuning in PSM16 files.
  • Samples in DSM files were sometimes detuned and some pattern commands were not imported correctly.
  • More accurate import of MDL 7-bit panning command.
  • Only import pattern commands supported by the UltraTracker version that was used to save ULT files. Add support for command 5-C (end loop).
  • DMF sample loop lengths were off by one.
  • Unis 669 pan slide effect was too deep.
  • Several valid (but slightly corrupted possibly due to disk failures or data transfer errors) SoundTracker files were no longer loading since libopenmpt 0.2-beta18.

libopenmpt 0.2-beta19 (2016-07-23)

  • [Change] libopenmpt now uses C++14 [[deprecated]] attribute instead of compiler-specific solutions when appropriate.
  • [Change] libopenmpt C++ header now uses C++11 noexcept instead of C++98 throw() exception specification when supported. throw() is deprecated since C++11. This does not change API or ABI as they are equivalent. Use LIBOPENMPT_ASSUME_CPLUSPLUS_NOEXCEPT to override the default.
  • [Change] The preprocessor macro LIBOPENMPT_ANCIENT_COMPILER_STDINT is gone. Please use LIBOPENMPT_ASSUME_CPLUSPLUS_CSTDINT instead. Additionally, the typedefs moved from illegal namespace ::std into somewhat less dangerous namespace ::openmpt::std. You can test #ifdef LIBOPENMPT_QUIRK_NO_CSTDINT client-side to check whether libopenmpt.hpp used the non-standard types. (Note: Of all supported compilers, this change only affects the 3 compilers with only limited support: MSVC 2008, GCC 4.1, GCC 4.2.)
  • [Bug] xmp-openmpt: Crash when viewing sample texts.
  • The public libopenmpt C++ header has auto-detection logic for the used C++ standard now. In case your client code compiler misreports the standard version or you want to override it for other reasons, #define LIBOPENMPT_ASSUME_CPLUSPLUS to the value of the standard version you desire to be used. There is also a macro for each individual aspect, like LIBOPENMPT_ASSUME_CPLUSPLUS_CSTDINT, LIBOPENMPT_ASSUME_CPLUSPLUS_DEPRECATED, LIBOPENMPT_ASSUME_CPLUSPLUS_NOEXCEPT which take precedence over the general macro.
  • Portamento with sample swap behaviour was wrong for ProTracker MODs.
  • Rewritten loader and various playback fixes for MDL files.
  • libopenmpt 0.2-beta18 broke import of many pattern commands in DBM, DMF and ULT files.
  • ADPCM samples in MOD files were broken since libopenmpt 0.2-beta17.

libopenmpt 0.2-beta18 (2016-07-11)

  • [Change] openmpt123: Add PulseAudio output support. Autotools and Makefile build systems now depend on libpulse and libpulse-simple by default. Disable with --without-pulseaudio or NO_PULSEAUDIO=1 respectively. When enabled, PulseAudio will be the default output driver,
  • [Change] xmp-openmpt: Settings are now stored in xmplay.ini like with every other plugin.
  • [Regression] openmpt123: Support for FLAC < 1.3.0 has been removed. FLAC before 1.3.0 is broken beyond repair as it provides assert.h in the include path.
  • [Bug] Generated pkg-config file libopenmpt.pc by both Makefile and Autotools build systems was totally broken.
  • [Bug] libopenmpt no longer uses the non-thread-safe global std::rand() function.
  • [Bug] Sample loops in GDM modules did not work when using Emscripten.
  • [Bug] XM and MO3 loaders could crash due to unaligned memory accesses.
  • [Bug] Fixed incorrect handling of custom MPTM tunings on big endian platforms.
  • [Bug] Fixed various problems found with clang 3.8 static analyzer, address sanitizer and undefined behaviour sanitizer.
  • [Bug] File header probing functionality was broken for most formats.
  • [Bug] With non-seekable streams, the entire file was almost always cached even if it was not of any supported module type.
  • Seeking in allsubsongs-mode now works correctly.
  • openmpt123: Added subsong support.
  • Various playback fixes for 669, IT, MT2 and MTM files.
  • Some MOD files with more than 128 patterns (e.g. NIETNU.MOD) were not loaded correctly.
  • A new example libopenmpt_example_c_probe has been added which demonstrates the usage and flexibility of openmpt_could_open_propability() in the C API under various constraints.

libopenmpt 0.2-beta17 (2016-05-21)

  • [Change] The Makefile and Autotools build systems now require to explicitly specify NO_LTDL=1 or --without-ltdl respectively if no support for dynamic loading of third party libraries via libtool libltdl is desired.
  • [Change] In the Makefile build system option USE_MO3 and the Autotools build system option --enable-mo3 are gone. Dynamic loading of un4seen unmo3 is now always enabled when dynamic loading is possible and built-in MO3 support is not possible because either a MP3 or a Vorbis decoder is missing.
  • [Change] The MSVC build system changed. The libopenmptDLL project is gone. Use the new ReleaseShared configuration of the libopenmpt project instead. libopenmpt now links against zlib by default. A separate project with smaller footprint linking against miniz is still available as libopenmpt-small.
  • [Change] The constants used to query library information from openmpt_get_string() and openmpt::string::get() (i.e. OPENMPT_STRING_FOO and openmpt::string::FOO) have been deprecated because having syntactic constants for theses keys makes extending the API in a backwards and forwards compatible way harder than it should be. Please just use the string literals directly.
  • [Change] Deprecated API identifiers will now cause deprecation warnings with MSVC, GCC and clang. #define LIBOPENMPT_NO_DEPRECATE to disable the warnings.
  • [Change] openmpt123: --[no-]shuffle option has been renamed to --[no-]randomize. A new --[no-]shuffle option has been added which shuffles randomly through the playlist as opposed to randomizing the playlist upfront.
  • [Change] Support for Un4seen unmo3 has generally been deprecated in favour of the new internal mo3 decoder. Un4seen unmo3 support will be removed on 2018-01-01.
  • [Bug] Memory consumption during loading has been reduced by about 1/3 in case a seekable input stream is provided (either via C API callback open functions or via C++ API iostream constructors).
  • [Bug] Some samples in AMS modules were detuned when using Emscripten.
  • [Bug] Possible crash with excessive portamento down in some formats.
  • [Bug] Possible crashes with malformed AMF, AMS, DBM, IT, MDL, MED, MPTM, MT2, PSM and MMCMP-, XPK- and PP20-compressed files.
  • [Bug] openmpt::module::format_pattern_row_channel with width == 0 was returning an empty string instead of an string with unconstrained length.
  • Support for ProTracker 3.6 IFF-style modules and SoundFX / MultiMedia Sound (SFX / MMS) modules.
  • libopenmpt now has support for DMO plugins on Windows when built with MSVC. Additionally, the DMO Compression, Distortion, Echo, Gargle, ParamEQ and WavesReverb DSPs are emulated on on all other platforms.
  • libopenmpt now supports the DigiBooster Echo DSP.
  • To avoid any of the aforementioned plugins to be used, the load.skip_plugins ctl can be passed when loading a module.
  • libopenmpt got native MO3 support with MP3 decoding either via libmpg123 or MediaFoundation (on Windows 7 and up) and Vorbis decoding via libogg, libvorbis, libvorbisfile or stb_vorbis.
  • libopenmpt MSVC builds with Visual Studio 2010 or later on Windows 7 or later now use an internal MO3 decoder with libogg, libvorbis, libvorbisfile, and libmpg123 or minimp3 or MediaFoundation suppport by default. Visual Studio 2008 builds still use unmo3.dll by default but also support the built-in decoder in which case libmpg123 is required.
  • libopenmpt with Makefile or Autotools build system can now also use glibc/libdl instead of libtool/libltdl for dynamic loading of third-party libraries. Options NO_DL=1 and --without-dl have been added respectively.
  • The Makefile build system got 4 new options NO_MPG123, NO_OGG, NO_VORBIS, NO_VORBISFILE. The default is to use the new dependencies automatically.
  • The Autotools build system got 4 new options –without-mpg123, –without-ogg, –without-vorbis, –without-vorbisfile. The default is to use the new dependencies automatically.
  • Makefile and Android builds got support for using minimp3 instead of libmpg123. For Android, use, for Makefile use USE_MINIMP3=1. You have to download minimp3 yourself and put its contents into include/minimp3/.
  • "source_url", "source_date" and "build_compiler" keys have been added to openmpt_string_get() and openmpt::string::get().
  • openmpt123: Add new --[no-]restart] option which restarts the playlist when finished.
  • Improved Ultimate SoundTracker version detection heuristics.
  • Playing a sample at a sample rate close to the mix rate could lead to small clicks when using vibrato.
  • More fine-grained internal legacy module compatibility settings to correctly play back modules made with older versions of OpenMPT and a few other trackers.
  • The tail of compressed MDL samples was slightly off.
  • Some probably hex-edited XM files (e.g. cybernostra weekend.xm) were not loaded correctly.
  • Countless other playback fixes for MOD, XM, S3M, IT and MT2 files.

libopenmpt 0.2-beta16 (2015-11-22)

  • [Change] The Autotools build system does strict checking of all dependencies now. Instead of best effort auto-magic detection of all potentially optional dependencies, the default set of dependencies is now enforced unless each individual dependency gets explicitely disabled via --without-foo or --disable-foo ./configure switches. Run ./configure --help for the full list of options.
  • [Bug] Some MOD files were erroneously detected as 669 files.
  • [Bug] Some malformed AMF files could result in very long loading times.
  • [Bug] Fixed crashes in IMF and MT2 loaders.
  • [Bug] MTM files generated by UNMO3 were not loaded properly.
  • Improved MTM playback.
  • make CONFIG=haiku for Haiku has been added.
  • Language bindings for FreeBASIC have been added (see libopenmpt/bindings/).

libopenmpt 0.2-beta15 (2015-10-31)

  • [Change] openmpt123: SDL2 is now supported and preferred to SDL1 if available with the Makefile build system.
  • [Bug] Emscripten support for older emscripten versions broke in -beta14. These are now supported again when using make CONFIG=emscripten-old.
  • [Bug] Fixed crashes in MED loader.
  • Playback improvements and loader fixes for MOD, MT2 and MED.

libopenmpt 0.2-beta14 (2015-09-13)

  • [Change] The C++ API example now uses the PortAudio C++ bindings instead of the C API.
  • [Change] Default compiler options for Emscripten have been changed to more closely match the Emscripten recommendations.
  • [Bug] Client code compilation with C89 compilers was broken in beta13.
  • [Bug] Test suite failed on certain Emscripten/node.js combinations.
  • [Bug] Fixed various crashes or hangs in DMF, OKT, PLM, IT and MPTM loaders.
  • Implemented error handling in the libopenmpt API examples.
  • Various playback improvements and fixes for OKT, IT and MOD.

libopenmpt 0.2-beta13 (2015-08-16)

  • [Change] The MSVC build system has been redone. Solutions are now located in build/vsVERSION/.
  • [Bug] get_current_channel_vu_left and get_current_channel_vu_right only return the volume of the front left and right channels now. get_current_channel_vu_rear_left and get_current_channel_vu_rear_right do now actually work and return non-zero values.
  • [Bug] Fix crashes and hangs in MED and MDL loaders and with some truncated compressed IT samples.
  • [Bug] Fix crash when playing extremely high-pitched samples.
  • Completed C and C++ documentation
  • Added new key for openmpt::module::get_metadata, "message_raw", which returns an empty string if there is no song message rather than a list of instrument names.
  • in_openmpt: Support for compiling with VS2008.
  • xmp-openmpt: Support for compiling with VS2008.
  • in_openmpt: Add a more readable file information window.

libopenmpt 0.2-beta12 (2015-04-19)

  • Playback fix when row delay effect is used together with offset command.
  • A couple of fixes for the seek.sync_samples=1 case.
  • IT compatibility fix for IT note delay.
  • ProTracker MOD playback compatibility improvement.

libopenmpt 0.2-beta11 (2015-04-18)

  • [Change] openmpt_stream_seek_func() now gets called with OPENMPT_STREAM_SEEK_SET, OPENMPT_STREAM_SEEK_CUR and OPENMPT_STREAM_SEEK_END whence parameter instead of SEEK_SET, SEEK_CUR and SEEK_END. These are defined to 0, 1 and 2 respectively which corresponds to the definition in all common C libraries. If your C library uses different constants, this theoretically breaks binary compatibility. The old libopenmpt code, however, never actually called the seek function, thus, there will be no problem in practice.
  • [Change] openmpt123: When both SDL1.2 and PortAudio are available, SDL is now the preferred backend because SDL is more widespread and better tested on all kinds of different platforms, and in general, SDL is just more reliable.
  • [Bug] libopenmpt now also compiles with GCC 4.3.
  • libopenmpt now supports PLM (Disorder Tracker 2) files.
  • Various playback improvements and fixes for IT, S3M, XM, MOD, PTM and 669 files.

libopenmpt 0.2-beta10 (2015-02-17)

  • [Change] Makefile configuration filenames changed from build/make/Makefile.config.* to build/make/config-*.mk.
  • [Change] libopenmpt for Android now supports unmo3 from un4seen. See build/android_ndk/README.AndroidNDK.txt for details.
  • [Bug] Fix out-of-bounds read in mixer code for ProTracker-compatible MOD files which was introduced back in r4223 / beta6.
  • Vibrato effect was too weak in beta8 and beta9 in IT linear slide mode.
  • Very small fine portamento was wrong in beta8 and beta9 in IT linear slide mode.
  • Tiny IT playback compatibility improvements.
  • STM playback improvements.

libopenmpt 0.2-beta9 (2014-12-21)

libopenmpt 0.2-beta8 (2014-12-21)

  • [Change] foo_openmpt: Settings are now accessible via foobar2000 advanced settings.
  • [Change] Autotools based build now supports libunmo3. Specify –enable-unmo3.
  • [Change] Support for dynamic loading of libunmo3 on MacOS X.
  • [Change] libopenmpt now uses libltld (from libtool) for dynamic loading of libunmo3 on all non-Windows platforms.
  • [Change] Support for older compilers:
    • GCC 4.1.x to 4.3.x (use make ANCIENT=1)
    • Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 (with latest Service Pack) (see build/vs2008)
  • [Change] libopenmpt_ext.hpp is now distributed by default. The API is still considered experimental and not guaranteed to stay API or ABI compatible.
  • [Change] xmp-openmpt / in_openmpt: No more libopenmpt_settings.dll. The settings dialog now uses a statically linked copy of MFC.
  • [Bug] The -autotools tarballs were not working at all.
  • Vastly improved MT2 loader.
  • Improved S3M playback compatibility.
  • Added openmpt::ext::interactive, an extension which adds a whole bunch of new functionality to change playback in some way or another.
  • Added possibility to sync sample playback when using openmpt::module::set_position_* by setting the ctl value seek.sync_samples=1
  • Support for "hidden" subsongs has been added. They are accessible through the same interface as ordinary subsongs, i.e. use openmpt::module::select_subsong to switch between any kind of subsongs.
  • All subsongs can now be played consecutively by passing -1 as the subsong index in openmpt::module::select_subsong.
  • Added documentation for a couple of more functions.

libopenmpt 0.2-beta7 (2014-09-07)

  • [Change] libopenmpt now has an GNU Autotools based build system (in addition to all previously supported ways of building libopenmpt). Autotools support is packaged separately as tarballs ending in -autotools.tar.gz.
  • [Bug] The distributed windows .zip file did not include pugixml.
  • [Regression] openmpt123: Support for writing WavPack (.wv) files has been removed.


    1. WavPack support was incomplete and did not include support for writing WavPack metadata at all.
    2. openmpt123 already supports libSndFile which can be used to write uncompressed lossless WAV files which can then be encoded to whatever format the user desires with other tools.

libopenmpt 0.2-beta6 (2014-09-06)

  • [Change] openmpt123: SDL is now also used by default if availble, in addition to PortAudio.
  • [Change] Support for emscripten is no longer experimental.
  • [Change] libopenmpt itself can now also be compiled with VS2008.
  • [Bug] Fix all known crashes on platforms that do not support unaligned memory access.
  • [Bug] openmpt123: Effect column was always missing in pattern display.

libopenmpt 0.2-beta5 (2014-06-15)

  • [Change] Add unmo3 support for non-Windows builds.
  • [Change] Namespace all internal functions in order to allow statically linking against libopenmpt without risking duplicate symbols.
  • [Change] Iconv is now completely optional and only used on Linux systems by default.
  • [Change] Added libopenmpt_example_c_stdout.c, an example without requiring PortAudio.
  • [Change] Add experimental support for building libopenmpt with emscripten.
  • [Bug] Fix ping-pong loop behaviour which broke in 0.2-beta3.
  • [Bug] Fix crashes when accessing invalid patterns through libopenmpt API.
  • [Bug] Makefile: Support building with missing optional dependencies without them being stated explicitely.
  • [Bug] openmpt123: Crash when quitting while playback is stopped.
  • [Bug] openmpt123: Crash when writing output to a file in interactive UI mode.
  • [Bug] openmpt123: Wrong FLAC output filename in –render mode.
  • Various smaller playback accuracy improvements.

libopenmpt 0.2-beta4 (2014-02-25)

  • [Bug] Makefile: Dependency tracking for the test suite did not work.

libopenmpt 0.2-beta3 (2014-02-21)

  • [Change] The test suite is now built by default with Makefile based builds. Use TEST=0 to skip building the tests. make check runs the test suite.
  • [Bug] Crash in MOD and XM loaders on architectures not supporting unaligned memory access.
  • [Bug] MMCMP, PP20 and XPK unpackers should now work on non-x86 hardware and implement proper bounds checking.
  • [Bug] openmpt_module_get_num_samples() returned the wrong value.
  • [Bug] in_openmpt: DSP plugins did not work properly.
  • [Bug] in_openmpt/xmp-openmpt: Setting name for stereo separation was misspelled. This version will revert your stereo separation settings to default.
  • [Bug] Crash when loading some corrupted modules with stereo samples.
  • Support building on Android NDK.
  • Avoid clicks in sample loops when using interpolation.
  • IT filters are now done in integer instead of floating point. This improves performance, especially on architectures with no or a slow FPU.
  • MOD pattern break handling fixes.
  • Various XM playback improvements.
  • Improved and switchable dithering when using 16bit integer API.

libopenmpt 0.2-beta2 (2014-01-12)

  • [Bug] MT2 loader crash.
  • [Bug] Saving settings in in_openmpt and xmp-openmpt did not work.
  • [Bug] Load libopenmpt_settings.dll also from below Plugins directory in Winamp.
  • DBM playback improvements.

libopenmpt 0.2-beta1 (2013-12-31)

  • First release.