The OpenMPT/libopenmpt project released the latest stable libopenmpt version:

libopenmpt 0.2.8760-beta27 (2017-08-12)

  • [Bug] libmodplug: The CSoundFile::Read function in the emulated libmodplug C++ API returned the wrong value, causing qmmp (and possibly other software) to crash.

  • The ProTracker note delay quirk should not retrigger already stopped samples (fixes “Subi loses the Cops” by Subi).
  • ProTracker portamento between already stopped sample and another sample kept playing the old sample (fixes “anarchy-main” by Jester).
  • Playback fix for instruments with custom tunings and transposed note maps in MPTM format.
  • ProTracker quirk: If there is a note with a out-of-range note delay, it is played on the next row (with an instant portamento), unless there is a new note on that row.
  • ProTracker quirk: Apply tempo changes after the first tick of the row.

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Source code download links:

Documentation and binary downloads can be found at the libopenmpt website at .

None of the fixes that went into libopenmpt 0.2.8760-beta27 are security fixes. Thus, the libopenmpt-0.2.7561-beta20.5 and libopenmpt-0.2.7386-beta20.3 lines require no update.

The following libopenmpt versions are currently supported with security fixes by the OpenMPT/libopenmpt project:

  • 0.2.8760-beta27
    • Current stable version.
    • Receives security updates.
    • Receives minor playback fixes.
  • 0.2.7561-beta20.5-p7
    • Older stable version which is supported on Unix-like systems only.
    • Receives only security fixes.
  • 0.2.7386-beta20.3-p10
    • Older stable version which is supported on Unix-like systems only.
    • Receives only security fixes.
  • 0.3 (SVN trunk)
    • development
    • security updates
    • playback fixes
    • new features
    • new file formats

Please update to the newest versions.

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