The OpenMPT/libopenmpt project released the latest stable libopenmpt version:

libopenmpt 0.3.1 (2017-09-28)

Changelog since libopenmpt 0.2.6774-beta20.

libopenmpt 0.3.1

  • [Bug] Windows: libopenmpt resource did not compile for release versions.

libopenmpt 0.3.0 (2017-09-27, not released)

  • [New] New error handling functionality in the C API, which in particular allows distinguishing potentially transient out-of-memory errors from parse errors during module loading.
  • [New] New API openmpt::module::get_selected_subsong() (C++) and openmpt_module_get_selected_subsong() (C).
  • [New] Faster file header probing API openmpt::probe_file_header() and openmpt::probe_file_header_get_recommended_size (C++), and openmpt_probe_file_header(), openmpt_probe_file_header_without_filesize(), openmpt_probe_file_header_from_stream() and openmpt_probe_file_header_get_recommended_size() (C).
  • [New] New API openmpt::could_open_probability() (C++) and openmpt_could_open_probability() (C). This fixes a spelling error in the old 0.2 API.
  • [New] openmpt123: openmpt123 can now open M3U, M3U8, M3UEXT, M3U8EXT and PLSv2 playlists via the --playlist option.
  • [New] openmpt123: openmpt123 now supports very fast file header probing via the --probe option.
  • [New] Libopenmpt now supports building for Windows 10 Universal (Windows Store 8.2) APIs with MSVC, and also for the older Windows Runtime APIs with MinGW-w64.
  • [New] New API header libopenmpt_ext.h which implements the libopenmpt extension APIs also for the C interface.
  • [New] The Reverb effect (S99 in S3M/IT/MPTM, and X99 in XM) is now implemented in libopenmpt.
  • [New] For Amiga modules, a new resampler based on the Amiga’s sound characteristics has been added. It can be activated by passing the render.resampler.emulate_amiga ctl with a value of 1. Non-Amiga modules are not affected by this, and setting the ctl overrides the resampler choice specified by OPENMPT_MODULE_RENDER_INTERPOLATIONFILTER_LENGTH or openmpt::module::RENDER_INTERPOLATIONFILTER_LENGTH. Support for the MOD command E0x (Set LED Filter) is also available when the Amiga resampler is enabled.

  • [Change] libopenmpt versioning changed and follows the more conventional major.minor.patch as well as the recommendations of the SemVer scheme now. In addition to the SemVer requirements, pre-1.0.0 versions will also honor API and ABI stability in libopenmpt (i.e. libopenmpt ignores SemVer Clause 4).
  • [Change] The output directories of the MSVC build system were changed to bin/vs2015-shared/x86-64-win7/ (and similar) layout which allows building in the same tree with different compiler versions without overwriting other outputs.
  • [Change] The emscripten build now exports libopenmpt as ‘libopenmpt’ instead of the default ‘Module’.
  • [Change] Android: The build system changed. The various files have been merged into a single one which can be controlled using command line options.
  • [Change] The Makefile build system now passes std=c++11 to the compiler by default. Older compilers may still work if you pass STDCXX=c++0x to the make invocation.
  • [Change] The Makefile option ANCIENT=1 is gone.
  • [Change] The optional dependencies on libltdl or libdl are gone. They are no longer needed for any functionality.

  • [Regression] Compiling client code using the C++ API now requires a compiler running in C++11 mode.
  • [Regression] Support for GCC 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7 has been removed.
  • [Regression] Support for Clang 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 has been removed.
  • [Regression] Support for Emscripten versions older than 1.31.0 has been removed.
  • [Regression] Support for Android NDK versions older than 11 has been removed.
  • [Regression] Visual Studio 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013 support has been removed.
  • [Regression] Dynamic run-time loading of libmpg123 is no longer supported. Libmpg123 must be linked at link-time now.
  • [Regression] xmp-openmpt: xmp-openmpt now requires XMPlay 3.8 or later and compiling xmp-openmpt requires an appropriate XMPlay SDK with XMPIN_FACE >= 4.
  • [Regression] Support for libmpg123 older than 1.13.0 has been removed.
  • [Regression] Un4seen unmo3 support has been removed.

  • [Bug] C++ API: openmpt::exception did not define copy and move constructors or copy and move assignment operators in libopenmpt 0.2. The compiler-generated ones were not adequate though. libopenmpt 0.3 adds the appropriate special member functions. This adds the respective symbol names to the exported ABI, which, depending on the compiler, might or might not have been there in libopenmpt 0.2. The possibly resulting possible ODR violation only affects cases that did crash in the libopenmpt 0.2 API anyway due to memory double-free, and does not cause any further problems in practice for all known platforms and compilers.
  • [Bug] The C API could crash instead of failing gracefully in out-of-memory situations.
  • [Bug] The test suite could fail on MacOSX or FreeBSD in non-fatal ways when no locale was active.
  • [Bug] libopenmpt_stream_callbacks_fd.h and libopenmpt_stream_callbacks_file.h were missing in Windows development packages.
  • [Bug] libopenmpt on Windows did not properly guard against current working directory DLL injection attacks.
  • [Bug] localtime() was used to determine the version of Schism Tracker used to save IT and S3M files. This function is not guaranteed to be thread-safe by the standard and is now no longer used.
  • [Bug] Possible crashes with malformed IT, ITP, AMS, MDL, MED, MPTM, PSM and Startrekker files.
  • [Bug] Possible hangs with malformed DBM, MPTM and PSM files.
  • [Bug] Possible hangs with malformed files containing cyclic plugin routings.
  • [Bug] Excessive loading times with malformed ITP / truncated AMS files.
  • [Bug] Plugins did not work correctly when changing the sample rate between two render calls.
  • [Bug] Possible NULL-pointer dereference read during obscure out-of-memory situations while handling exceptions in the C API.
  • [Bug] libmodplug: libmodplug.pc was wrong.
  • [Bug] Cross-compiling libopenmpt with autotools for Windows now properly sets -municode and -mconsole as well as all required Windows system libraries.
  • [Bug] foo_openmpt: Interpolation filter and volume ramping settings were confused in previous versions. This version resets both to the defaults.
  • [Bug] libmodplug: The CSoundFile::Read function in the emulated libmodplug C++ API returned the wrong value, causing qmmp (and possibly other software) to crash.

  • Support for SoundTracker Pro II (STP) and Digital Tracker (DTM) modules.
  • Increased accuracy of the sample position and sample rate to drift less when playing very long samples.
  • Various playback improvements for IT and XM files.
  • Channel frequency could wrap around after some excessive portamento / down in some formats since libopenmpt 0.2-beta17.
  • Playback improvements for S3M files made with Impulse Tracker and Schism Tracker.
  • ParamEq plugin emulation didn’t do anything at full gain (+15dB).
  • All standard DMO effects are now also emulated on non-Windows and non-MSVC systems.
  • Added libopenmpt_stream_callbacks_buffer.h which adds openmpt_stream_callbacks support for in-memory buffers, possibly even only using a truncated prefix view into a bigger file which is useful for probing.
  • Avoid enabling some ProTracker-specific quirks for MOD files most likely created with ScreamTracker 3.
  • Tremolo effect only had half the intended strength in MOD files.
  • Pattern loops ending on the last row a pattern were not executed correctly in S3M files.
  • Work-around for reading MIDI macros and plugin settings in some malformed IT files written by old UNMO3 versions.
  • Improve tracker detection in IT format.
  • Playback fixes for 8-channel MED files
  • Do not set note volume to 0 on out-of-range offset in XM files.
  • Better import of some slide commands in SFX files.
  • Sample 15 in “Crew Generation” by Necros requires short loops at the beginning of the sample to not be ignored. Since we need to ignore them in some (non-ProTracker) modules, we heuristically disable the old loop sanitization behaviour based on the module channel count.
  • Both normal and percentage offset in PLM files were handled as percentage offset.
  • MT2 files with instruments that had both sample and plugin assignments were not read correctly.
  • Some valid FAR files were rejected erroneously.
  • Support for VBlank timing flag and comment field in PT36 files.
  • Improved accuracy of vibrato command in DIGI / DBM files.
  • STM: Add support for “WUZAMOD!” magic bytes and allow some slightly malformed STM files to load which were previously rejected.
  • Detect whether “hidden” patterns in the order list of SoundTracker modules should be taken into account or not.
  • Tighten heuristics for rejecting invalid 669, M15, MOD and ICE files and loosen them in other places to allow some valid MOD files to load.
  • Improvements to seeking: Channel panning was not always updated from instruments / samples when seeking, and out-of-range global volume was not applied correctly in some formats.
  • seek.sync_samples=1 did not apply PTM reverse offset effect and the volume slide part of combined volume slide + vibrato commands.
  • If the order list was longer than 256 items and there was a pattern break effect without a position jump on the last pattern of the sequence, it did not jump to the correct restart order.
  • Makefile has now explicit support for FreeBSD with no special option or configuration required.
  • openmpt123: Improved section layout in man page.
  • libmodplug: Added all missing C++ API symbols that are accessible via the public libmodplug header file.
  • Autotools build system now has options --disable-openmpt123, --disable-tests and --disable-examples which may be desireable when cross-compiling.
  • Windows binary packages now ship with libmpg123 included.

The changelog for older versions can be found at .

Source code download links:

Documentation and binary downloads can be found at the libopenmpt website at

Libopenmpt 0.3.1 contains all security fixes that went into libopenmpt 0.2 since the point where libopenmpt 0.2 and 0.3 branched.

The libopenmpt-0.2, libopenmpt-0.2.7561-beta20.5 and libopenmpt-0.2.7386-beta20.3 lines require no update right now.

The following libopenmpt versions are currently supported with security fixes by the OpenMPT/libopenmpt project:

  • 0.3.1
    • Current stable version.
    • Receives security updates.
    • Receives minor playback fixes.
  • 0.2.8760-beta27
    • Old stable version.
    • Receives security updates.
  • 0.2.7561-beta20.5-p7
    • Older stable version which is supported on Unix-like systems only.
    • Receives only security fixes.
  • 0.2.7386-beta20.3-p10
    • Older stable version which is supported on Unix-like systems only.
    • Receives only security fixes.
  • 0.4 (SVN trunk)
    • development
    • security updates
    • playback fixes
    • new features
    • new file formats

Please update to the newest versions.